Production stories: Round trays

My latest range of screen printed plywood trays have been one of my fastest selling products so I thought it was high time that I showed you some of the processes that went into designing and making my new favourite product.

These trays were all hand screen printed in my local Peckham print studio (they have better drying rack facilities than I do!) Each design has three colours with one colour consistent throughout the four designs so that they can sit as a group.

The designs were created through a series of drawings, paper-cuts and printed experiments. All of the designs were sampled with paper stencils, which you can see below and the colours were carefully mixed to ensure they worked well with the colour of the wood.

If you would like to view the full collection you can head here, or feel free to leave any questions about the process in the comments below.

Georgia Bosson Trays Group blog.jpg
round tray screen.jpg
Sketchbook page_blog.jpg
Pacemat in progress.jpg
Placemat alignment.jpg

Georgia Bosson