Material stories; Linen

As you may (or may not) have noticed all of my textile products are made from linen. This was a decision that I made at the very beginning of my business not simply because I think linen is a beautiful and versatile material but because of the overwhelming amount of evidence for it being one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics around.

When I started making products I wanted to make sure that the things that I create have as little impact as possible. This is often incredibly difficult when it comes to textiles due to historically harmful dying and growing practices however my research led me to linen and that is where I have stayed ever since.

                                                                              There's very little as beautiful as a pile of linen!

                                                                              There's very little as beautiful as a pile of linen!

It is a fantastically versatile and strong material that I abosolutley love working with. Below are a few reasons why...

1. During processing the whole flax plant (linen is made from flax) is used ensuring there is no waste from the growing of the plant.

2. Flax uses less water and fewer pesticides than cotton when growing (in fact Flax needs 5 times less than cotton).

3. Once processed the material is recyclable and biodegradable and can be turned into anything from paper to insulation.

4. Linen is really strong so should mean that your products are longer lasting and more durable than their cotton counterparts.

5. Flax is happy growing in colder climates which reduces the need for the fabric to travel long distances to reach the end user (I only use European linen and as much as possible I source from UK mills).

6. Flax enriches the soil that it grows in making it perfect for growing in between other crop rotations.

So there you have it, a few fantastic reasons to switch to linen for your homewares and clothing I have found once you have made the switch it is really hard to ever look back!

Georgia Bosson