South London Cares studio visit

A couple of weeks ago Cecily Vessey (my studio buddy) and I welcomed an amazing group from South London Cares. A brilliant local charity which helps older people get out into their local community, allowing them to reconnect with their local area and the people now working within it.

We kicked off the afternoon with plenty of tea and biscuits after a rather hot walk from South Bermondsey station on an unusually balmy October day. Cecily and I then introduced ourselves and our work and fielded a riot of interesting questions, such as ‘what is your favourite ever piece of commercial packaging?’ (A surprisingly hard question to answer on the spot!)

We then invited the neighbours to have a go at screen printing their own tea towel to take home. This part of the day was tackled with such energy and enthusiasm and a beautiful array of tea towels were printed one of which was even going to be framed.

If you would like to find out a bit more about this brilliant charity and see if you would like to donate some time to a neighbour then please head to their website below:

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This lady was 86, showing that age really is just a number!

This lady was 86, showing that age really is just a number!

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