Oxford - From Boars Hill

Oxford - From Boars Hill


Oxford - From Boars Hill

Cecily spent her teenage years living in Oxford, it’s where she fell in love with architecture and where she realised she was hopeless at drawing perspective correctly! Feeling frustrated and low on confidence, Cecily stumbled upon a book about Ben Nicholson containing the following quote: ‘Ben was the only one who couldn’t draw, a preposterous statement unless we interpret ‘couldn’t draw’ as couldn’t copy’’. This quote motivated her to pursue a career in drawing
and is pinned up on her studio wall to this day.

From the Landmark Locations collaboration between Georgia Bosson and Cecily Vessey.

A two colour design that has been hand screen printed in Peckham onto 300gsm Fabriano 5 paper and is a limited edition of 100.

Size: 36 x 32cm (unframed)

Signed and numbered by Georgia and Cecily.

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